Adam Hayes' Bio

With an unyielding drive, I have spent my life educating myself in the art of design. My love for the beauty and aesthetics of art ranges from clothing, to music, to architecture, and everything in between. Whether picking out the perfect ensemble to begin my work day, or choosing weekend attire for constructing the perfectly visually pleasing patio; I am constantly choosing the best way to use my elements.
My drive has also been prevalent with my past experiences in small business leadership and retail management. Having the ability to coach, support, and motivate a team takes a certain finesse. Bringing structure to a group of creative, free-spirited stylists is no easy task (their words, not mine). I love the challenge though, and getting to work in such an inspiring setting makes it all worth it.
Having worked with leading industry professionals I admire, I’ve taken their philosophies and use them to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. Elan Germantown has afforded me the opportunity to combine my strengths and passion, and I take great pride in fostering a creative, energetic, and welcoming atmosphere, for clients and stylists alike.

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