Our staff at Truman Grey are the best at what they do, both in craft and in the care they take with each client. They are experienced, creative and friendly, with backgrounds in the arts and a passion for life. They are what make Truman Grey so exceptional.



A Stylist is one who is in high demand and has mastered advanced techniques in color formulation and application, as well as razor work, hair cutting, and styling. A Truman Grey stylist has been through more advanced education than most stylists nationwide.


As front-line professionals, our Guides act as ambassadors, information-givers and interpreters. The role of a Guide is to welcome visitors – in this case, Truman Grey clients and visitors – and lead them on their own personal journey through the Truman Grey experience. There’s always something new waiting to be discovered, in the Salon or the Market!

Truman Grey Guides never tell clients what to do. Instead, they lead the customer on their journey through the Truman Grey experience so that each person has the ability to make the right decision for his or herself.


Truman Grey apprentices graduated with top honors from many of the local cosmetology programs. They are licensed cosmetologists whose ambitions led them to join our comprehensive training program. They assist our mentoring artists while also working to establish their own client base. Please visit our apprentice page to review service options and special pricing.

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