Our staff at Elan Germantown are the best at what they do, both in craft and in the care they take with each client. They are experienced, creative and friendly, with backgrounds in the arts and a passion for life. They are what make Elan Germantown so exceptional.



Reaching this level is a lifelong career ambition for an ELAN Germantown Stylist. Stylists can only reach this level after many years on the floor, honing ones craft, developing a unique identity and style, while at the same time growing a consistent clientele.


A Stylist is one who is in high demand and has mastered advanced techniques in color formulation and application, as well as razor work, hair cutting, and styling. An ELAN stylist has been through more advanced education than most stylists nationwide.



We believe that providing the best experience possible for our clients automatically translates into high customer retention. Our vision is to exhibit professionalism in all that we do and to strive for absolute client satisfaction. Self-motivated, enthusiastic candidates looking for a steady position are encouraged to apply and a background in custom service or prior salon experience is preferred. Candidates for this position should possess a good work ethic, well-groomed appearance, professional demeanor, good interpersonal skills, open availability, reliable transportation and a willingness to be a team player.

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